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23 Low-Cost Insurance Marketing Ideas

Posted by Jon Anderson on Jan 5, 2017 5:06:00 PM

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The start of the year is a great time to look for ways to find fresh prospects for your insurance agency. After all, there may be some people out there who are looking for a new start too - and that includes switching over their car, home and other insurance products. Thus, it's a great time to start your insurance marketing efforts. However, you may not want to go all-out and spend your marketing budget at the start of the year. That's why we've compiled this quick list of 23 low-cost insurance marketing ideas you can do today to help drum up interest in your insurance business today:


  1. Create yard signs or bumper stickers  that say "Insured by [your agency]" and ask your clients to display them at home or on their car.
  2. Set up a professional Facebook page and Twitter account.
  3. Go to different apartment complexes in your area and ask the management office if you can leave brochures and flyers for renters insurance at their desk or in individual mail boxes.
  4. Compile a list of all your clients' birthdays and put them on your calendar. But, don't send them a card on their birthday; instead, send it to them a few weeks early and remind them that their life insurance rates might go up after their birthday and to call you if they want to lock in a good rate now. Alternately, if you have younger clients, their car insurance rates might go down after a certain age, so remind them of this too.
  5. Take photos of your next office gathering, whether it's a staff birthday party or an event your joining. Post them on your Facebook or Twitter page - people love to see "behind the scenes" photos!
  6. Set yourself up as a press contact for local news. Contact reporters and journalists and let them know you're willing to lend your expertise in future stories that may involve insurance matters. 
  7. Add links to your website, social media pages and even your phone contact on your email signature.
  8. Go to local events on Meetup.com or other similar websites. Most are free to join and can help you expand your local network.
  9. Make snack bags filled with water, chocolates, crackers or other healthy snacks and staple your business card. Distribute them to busy office workers who may be working through their lunch hour.
  10. Try Facebook Ads. Ads on this social media site are inexpensive and can be highly targeted so you can reach specific people. However, make sure your ads are compliant with relevant rules and regulations.
  11. Write articles for blogs or your local paper. Many websites and local publications are looking for great content, and would be willing to publish pieces in exchange for some exposure.
  12. Co-op and co-advertise with another business, like a local car dealership or real estate agent.
  13. Volunteer at a local event. Choose a non-profit and volunteer your time and resources to them. It's a great place to meet and network with new people and gain some exposure.
  14. Give away coffee and donuts! People love free food, so why not sponsor an "open house" where people can come in and have a delicious treat. Just make sure they take a flyer or business card before they go.
  15. Find unsual places to advertise, like on pizza boxes or dry cleaner bags.
  16. Ask clients for reviews or post letters and other praise you get on your social media site.online ratings and reviews
  17. Start a business card fishbowl at a popular restaurant. Go to the owner or manager of a popular restaurant in your city or town and ask them if you can leave a fishbowl where people can drop their business cards. Then, offer to sponsor a free dinner to a random winner.
  18. Advertise on bulletin boards all over your city, from libraries, community centers, and even churches.
  19. Offer to speak at a seminar or sponsor one at your local community center.
  20. Have some inexpensive pens with your name, logo and contact information made. Then, give them away or better yet, leave them somewhere people always need pens, like banks and, post offices.
  21. Go to community meetings. It's a great way to meet people in your local area. Have business cards ready and wear a shirt with your agency logo.
  22. Give free business coaching. Many new business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for a mentor. Offer your expertise and you can build connections with ambitious and driven people.
  23. Add your address to GPS devices. Many GPS manufacturers let you go to their websites and add your business to their directory. 

These are just some of the low-cost or free ways you can market your insurance agency. Have any other ideas? Drop us a line!


online ratings and reviews

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