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5 Things Covered by Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Posted by Jon Anderson on Dec 5, 2016 5:53:00 PM

comprehensive auto insurance

When it comes to auto insurance, most people who buy them know that it can pay for most types of damages to the car, property, or people. Many states require some form of car insurance before you can even start driving, so many of your clients may simply sign on the dotted line without ever understanding what comprehensive auto insurance covers and what it doesn't. While most insurance agents may dread telling their clients and potential clients what their policies don't cover. If you want happy customers, then you should consider telling them what it does cover, especially things they might not know about. So, if you want to put a smile on your clients' faces, consider telling them about these five things covered by auto insurance. 


1. Damage From Potholes

Potholes are the bane of many drivers. Those who live in places with four seasons have to navigate moon-like roads at the end of winter season, and have to deal with driving on these roads. Often, many people miss them or simply have no other choice but to drive over the potholes, rather than swerving around them. Damage from potholes can ranges from small scratches to sever tire damage. While many may think that potholes are a fact of life and aren't covered by insurance, they actually are included in most comprehensive policies. Damage from a pothole should be covered by collision coverage, so make sure you remind your clients that they don't have to worry about getting their cars fixed when they encounter a pothole.

2. Anyone With Permission to Drive the Car

Some car owners may be surprised to know that family members and friends are covered under their comprehensive auto insurance, as long as they have permission to drive the car. Even if the driver has his or her own insurance, the policy owner's policy can still pay for damages to the other party, as well as to the car itself, after deductibles and over and above any limits depending on the contract. Of course, it's worthwhile to remind your clients that renting their car out for money isn't included. Any type of business transaction negates any personal auto insurance policy, and if they do want it covered, then they should obtain the proper business insurance. 

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3. Car Seats

Car seats are meant to protect little ones, and many parents hope they would never have to rely on these devices. However, if they do get into an accident, it's a good idea to replace the car seat, even if it doesn't look like it's been damaged. So, should your clients get into an accident, ask them if they would like their child's car seat replaced as it is probably covered. Besides, small cracks or damages might lead to bigger malfunctions.


4. Pet Injuries

Do your clients take their pets in their cars? If they do get into an accident, their pets might also sustain injuries. Vet bills, while not as big as human hospital or doctor bills, can be substantial, especially with emergency care. Some people may have pet insurance, but many don't. So, should anything unfortunate happen to their best furry friends, let them know that their auto insurance might pick up part of the bill.


5. Riots


Hopefully, your client doesn't live or work in any violent neighborhoods, but then again, riots can happen anywhere. If their car does happen to be parked somewhere a violent riot breaks out, then their car is covered by comprehensive auto insurance.

Bonus: Rodents Are Covered Too!

Did you know that damage from rodents are also covered by comprehensive auto insurance? If a squirrel or rat were to get into the car and chew up the wires and other parts, then it can be covered too!

Many times, people only contact their insurance agents or get a call from them when there's bad news. If you want to change that and call them up with some good news, then why not tell them about these things that their comrehensive auto insurance covers. It's a good excuse to to give them a call and might be something that could brighten up their day.

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