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5 Things Motorcycle Insurance Customers Want

Posted by Jon Anderson on May 31, 2016 12:30:00 PM

With its long, winding highways, breathtaking views, not to mention natural diversity, California is a biker's dream. In fact, the Golden State has over 800,000 registered motorcycles, the highest overall in the US. So, if you haven't thought about it, it's a good idea to start connecting with motorcycle riders and ramp up your marketing efforts to find leads for bike insurance.

Motorcycle riders are a unique type of customer. They have their own special requirements, so make sure you read up on biker insurance laws, helmet laws and insurance coverage. Aside from this, you also need to learn how to connect with motorcyclists. You don't have to buy your own bike and start cruising down the highway to find clients who need motorcycle insurance. However, what you should do is find out what matters to motorcyclists. So, if you want to know more about how to connect with motorcyclists, consider these top 5 things motorcycle insurance customers want.


1) Motorcycle insurance customers want a knowledgeable agent

If you already ride a motorcycle yourself - great! You probably don't need to read this article (though you should!). But, if you don't, that doesn't mean you can't connect with motorcyclists. Most bike owners understand that not everyone will have the same knowledge and understanding of motorcycles as they do. However, you should also learn about the basics of bikes and biker insurance laws. What matters to motorcyclists is that they can come to you with their concerns, and you can quickly understand them.

What exactly do you need to learn? You don't have to become a mechanic or bike expert. You might want to start by learning the different types of motorcycles, as these will have an effect on premiums and riders. You might also want to brush up on how to buy a motorcycle and read up information on bike related websites and forums so you know the basic terms people use when talking about bikes.

By arming yourself with some basic knowledge, you can show potential customers that you know something about their passion and you can also help them find the right type and amount of motorcycle insurance.


2) Motorcycle insurance customers want simplicity


Robert M. Pirsig, in his book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance said, "The solutions all are simple—after you have arrived at them. But they're simple only when you know already what they are." Simplicity is something all insurance customers want. As an insurance agent, you know how complicated individual policies, contracts and riders and other aspects of buying insurance can be. You need to find a way to simplify this for your customers, without glossing over important facts.

If you are dealing with a new motorcycle owner or perhaps someone just about to purchase one, you may want to spend some time with them explaining the basics of motorcycle insurance and what they can expect, plus answer any questions. Make it as simple as possible, as most owners just want to get on the road and start enjoying their ride.


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3) Motorcycle insurance customers want the best coverage, not necessarily the cheapest price

Did you know that the average motorcycle owner spends about $16,125 on a new bike? That's not counting the amount they spend yearly on parts, services, and upgrades. Most motorcycle riders don't pinch their pennies when it comes to their beloved rides. What matters to mosts motorcyclists is that they are covered and insured properly. They want to know that when they ride down the road, they don't have to worry about what happens if they get into an accident or crash unexpectedly. Not to say that bike owners are irresponsible - in fact, motorcycle riders can be conscientious of their driving and laws, as they know they are vulnerable in the event of a crash.

Make sure you take the time to give your potential client a comprehensive set of options for insurance coverage. Also, this is where it helps to know more about biker insurance laws, and things like helmet laws and insurance coverage, so you can anticipate your clients' needs.

4) Motorcycle insurance customers want an agent who offers good customer service


Of course, it goes without saying that motorcycle riders also want good customer service from their insurance agents. Be responsive with their questions and do your best to provide the best rates and coverage as possible. As an agent, you know how people appreciate it if you're there when they need you. This is also a great way to build trust. After all, you want your customers to trust in you, that they can rely on you. And when they truly need you - like if they get into an accident or should something worse happen, be there by their side and offer your assistance when appropriate.


5)  Motorcycle insurance clients want an agent who cares


Aside from just good service, customers want an agent who they feel actually cares about them. Building a relationship with a client is important, for any type of insurance or any type of business. They want to learn from you and interact with you. Maybe you could ask them to show you their motorcycle - not just for insurance purposes, but because you're genuinely interested in their ride. If you truly become interested in learning to ride or purchasing one yourself, you can ask your customers for advice and tips. Or perhaps if you see an interesting article or social media post, you can tell them about it.

You don't have to be a motorcycle owner yourself to care about your insurance customers. But you can show them you care by being interested in their passion. Plus, who knows, you might even learn from your interactions with your customers?

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What Matters to Motorcyclists: A Knowledgeable Agent Who Can Guide Them

It's easy for insurance agents to connect with their other customers - after all, most of us rent or own our home, worry about retirement, and have people who depend on us. Motorcycle riders may see a bit intimidating and it's tempting to just discount them. However, you can benefit from reaching out to motorcycle owners, and just taking a bit of time to know more about their passion and their needs.

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