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7 Ways Google Plus Social Media Marketing Rocks

Posted by Jon Anderson on Jun 20, 2016 5:30:00 PM

Google is the undisputed champion of search engines. So it would stand to reason that their contribution to the social media world would be a game-changer too, right? Well, actually, it hasn’t quite worked out like that. Google Plus (G+) ranks lowest of all the top social media platforms. Things are so bad that very few marketers include Google Plus in their plans when developing a social media marketing strategy.


And that is exactly why you should pay attention to the G+. You see, despite lagging behind the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, Google Plus still boasts some 250-million active users. That’s a sizeable base of people potentially interested in what you have to say or the services you have to offer. It is also a relatively untapped user-base given that so many marketers neglect to use the platform.


If you thought G+ wasn’t worth your social media marketing efforts, read on to find why this social media platform still matters.


  1. Increase in Traffic to Your Website or Blog


Google Plus can be an excellent source of referral traffic if correctly utilized. Like other social media platforms, this means creating strong content consistently. The great thing about Google Plus social media marketing is that the users of the platform are not averse to a little self-promotion and the odd marketing message. They will, if the content is good, eagerly click a link to see who is behind the publishing of the content.


That presents a great opportunity to establish yourself and your business as the go-to authority in your industry. As you become more known as a “thought leader” within your industry, you can expect an increase in referrals to your blog or website from Google Plus.


  1. It Improves Your Ranking in the Google Search Engine


Something that is of interest to most modern business owners is higher rankings for their website in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). While merely setting up a profile on G+ won’t tremendously affect your website’s rankings, there are other ways in which use of the platform can positively affect your web presence.


Ensuring that your profile contains all the relevant keywords associated with your website is important. As is including links back to your website and adding as much detail as you can about yourself and your business. These initial steps alert Google of the link between your new G+ profile and your web presence. Over time, and with consistent sharing and interacting on the platform, that link can have a positive impact on your website’s rankings.


It is thought that Google +1s (a signal that someone likes your content) has a *73% higher correlation for search engine rankings as compared to Facebook “Likes.”


  1. Google owns Google+


Google is the number one search engine. They also own the number two search engine, YouTube. So, it makes sound marketing sense to get your business attached to anything this company does. Google Plus is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Every post on G+ is indexed to appear in the search results. That, in turn, leads to what is called Social SEO.


Social SEO means having your content found by the right people in search results.  As you grow your G+ network, the content you post becomes easier to find, not only on the platform but in Google’s search results as well.


  1. Google+ Groups Gives You an Edge Over Your Competitors


If your competitors are not using Google Plus effectively, that presents a huge opportunity for you. Within the platform, there is the increased probability to locate the exact group of people who would be receptive to your content and marketing message. You will find them primarily within groups.


When you find a suitable group, you can quickly establish yourself as an authority, be that in insurance or financial services, and rise in popularity within the group. People in that group are more likely to share your content and spread the word about your brand.


That type of publicity is not restricted to G+. Users will likely share your content on other social media platforms. Google Plus users almost always have a larger following on the major social media channels.

 google plus marketing guide


  1. Easily Build a Following


The features within Google Plus make it easy for you to build a platform. It is much easier to grow a following on G+ than it is on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Aside from the great features enabling users to grow their following, G+ also has fewer distractions in the form of ads. Ads are quite common just about everywhere you look now on Facebook; ads show up in the sidebars as well as user’s newsfeed.


In G+, you can write longer posts, display larger, more visual images, and add some style to your posts with the plentiful formatting options. All of this means you can create exclusive content for G+ users that offer lots of value and that attract more attention.


  1. Connect with Interested People


Of all the social media sites, Google Plus is one of the most interest driven. You can easily locate people with similar interests, or those who have interests based on your agency’s target demographic and connect with them.


When you connect with people in this way, you are already starting the relationship with the knowledge that you have something in common. That type of connection gives a slight edge in the world of social media marketing.


  1. You Can Learn Something


Marketing on Google Plus is clearly a good idea. But you should not view the platform as solely a place to source new leads. It can also be a great source of learning. In fact, few other places on the web have such a wealth knowledge and information.


If you have key influencers from your industry in your circles, every time you log onto G+ you will be presented with information updates – like having your own veritable University.


With Google Circles, you have the ability to segment your network and assign them levels. That makes it easy to find content from a particular group of people if you need to. By setting up a circle consisting of only the most reputable and intelligent people in your industry you will have a well of always-flowing information from which you can tap.


Your competitors might be shunning G+ for the bigger platforms. But Google Plus is fertile ground for insurance and financial services agents. It firmly deserves a place in your social media marketing strategy.


Want to learn more about social media marketing on Google Plus and to take your marketing and branding to the next level? Contact us today toll-free at 1-888-776-7761 or email Jon.Anderson@AgentBrandingSystem.com.

If you want to learn about Facebook marketing, on the other hand, check out our FREE ebook, available for download here:

google plus marketing guide

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