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7 Ways to Find Low Cost Insurance Client Leads

Posted by Jon Anderson on Jun 1, 2016 6:00:00 PM

Insurance agents are always on the lookout for leads. However, leads don't exactly grow on trees and aside from getting hot leads, you also want to make sure you are not spending more money than your prospects bring in. Finding low cost insurance client leads is not always straightforward, but it's not impossible. These affordable insurance leads are out there - you just have to know how to find them.So, how does one find low cost insurance client leads? There are numerous ways to find leads without spending a lot. You might want to take some time and sit down with your team, and brainstorm a few ideas. But if your leads are drying up, then you should try these seven ways to find low cost insurance client leads.


1) Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

One of the best things you can do for your agency is to join your local chamber of commerce. Actually, any business owner should do this, even if it's just signing up to become a member. However, if you really make the most of your membership and get some insurance sales leads, you should be more active in your CoC. For example, you can join committees or boards, or even sponsor events if you can. If they are looking for ideas for events, fundraisers, or even speakers, go ahead an volunteer. Spending a few hours of your time helping your community is not only a great way to give back, but helps build your profile and expands your network.


2) Read Your Local Business Newspaper or Magazine

Many communities publish their own newsletters and magazines, so make sure you pick up a copy or get a subscription so you can get it delivered to your office. How can this help you find affordable insurance leads? Well, for one thing, you can use the contacts in the magazines to make cold calls. These magazines often will feature people or businesses in your area, and you might discover someone in need of your services. These magazines also often publish contact information or ads from people in the community, so it's a great way to build up your cold call contact list.


3) Use Fishbowl Marketing

So, you're probably scratching your head and wondering what fishbowl marketing is and how you can use it to find low cost insurance client leads. Well it's really simple - you've seen those fishbowls at restaurants or cafes where people drop in their card and get a chance to win a free meal. That's all there is to it - encourage people to drop in their card in a bowl. Go ahead and approach a restaurant or cafe near you and ask them if you can leave a fishbowl by their register and offer to pay for lunch for a random winner. You can keep the business cards and add them to your contact database. You can also take it a step further and let the winner bring 5 to 10 of their friends for a free lunch and give them a short presentation of your services. 


4) Attend Networking Events

low cost insurance client leads

This may seem like a no-brainer, but networking events can be a goldmine for prospects. Check the chamber of commerce or business groups in your area, as many of them may sponsor monthly events and mixers for networking. These events often cost a few dollars to attend or completely free. You'll only have to spend two to three hours of your time talking to and networking with other people. While you may not directly get insurance sales leads, you can use your contacts in other ways, like for information exchange or for getting referrals from your new contacts.


5) Build Your Own Networking Group

If you want to take networking to the next level, then consider making your own group. Basically, you get a group of other business owners and maybe even other insurance agents you know, then set up regular meetings where you can exchange information.

Basically, the idea is that during these group meetings, everyone shares or passes on contacts and leads to other people in the group. You can make the most of these by inviting different types of businesses that may be aligned with yours. For example, if you have a member who owns a car repair shop, they can pass you some affordable life insurance leads and in turn, you can also pass them some business if you happen to know anyone who needs their services.


6) Leverage Social Media

There's no denying it - social media is the future of business and marketing. According to the most recent statistics, there are over 2.3 billion active social media users today, so why wouldn't you use these tools to reach out and find some low cost insurance client leads? Of course, there's more to it than just sending out tweets or posting funny Facebook status. Social media for business and generating affordable insurance leads takes some getting used to (plus all the compliance rules you must follow), but this is one of the best ways to find quick and cheap leads today. 

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7) Don't Forget the Importance of Word of Mouth Marketing

Perhaps one of the best ways to find clients is through word of mouth marketing. Obviously, you want to build the best insurance agency and provide excellent service to your customers, but if no one else knows about it, then it doesn't do you much good. You want people to trust you, not only to handle their affairs, but also enough to recommend you to their friends and family.

Now, there's no one exact way to help build your reputation and spread the word, but going the extra mile for your clients can help. For example, you can talk to them regularly and give them recommendations or help that's not necessarily related to insurance or your agency. Sending flowers when they're in the hospital or a congratulations card when their son or daughter graduates from school are just some of the things that you can do that doesn't cost you much, but can mean the world to them. 


Finding Low Cost Insurance Leads

Insurance sales leads are important for any agent or agency. If you find that your leads are drying up, perhaps it's time to find other ways to start generating them. You don't have to spend tons of cash to find good, hot leads. There are many ways you can generate cheap life, auto, home, or just about any type of insurance lead. By using these methods and resources, you can find more interested leads who are ready to become your newest clients--you'll grow your pipeline while growing your book of business, too!


Social Media is a great way to generate low cost leads, but where exactly do you begin? If you're not tech-savvy or don't have the time to learn about social media marketing, then make sure you're at least on the the most popular platform - Facebook. With over 1.65 billion users, if you're only on one network, then this should be it. But, how exaclty do you set up your Facebook account and start using it? Well, just download our FREE ebook How to Use Facebook to Market Your Agency Like a Pro today (see the download link above)!





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