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Top 31 Online Insurance Marketing Resources Agents Should Bookmark

Posted by Jon Anderson on Jul 18, 2016 12:00:00 PM

monitor-862135_1920.jpgIn a previous blog post, we listed over a hundred marketing resources for insurance agents, dealing with various topics, from creating buyer personas to closing sales to inbound marketing. We hope that insurance agents (and all types of other professionals) were (and still are) able to make use of these amazing resources in their everyday marketing practices. 

Of course, with so many resources on the Internet, one blog post wasn't enough to list all the various resources available. That's why we collected more resources, this time, geared specifically towards insurance marketing and the industry in particular. So, let's look at 31 more resources for insurance agent marketing:

Insurance Agency Marketing Podcasts

  1. On Point, with Peter Van Aartrijk and Rick Morgan
  2. SellTermLife.com
  3. Agency Nation
  4. Agent's Influence
  5. Insurance Marketing with John Carroll
  6. The Insurance Law Podcast
  7. Insurance Journal Podcast
  8. Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast
  9. Content Warfare Podcast (w/ Ryan Hanley)
  10. Business Insurance Podcasts

Insurance Agency Marketing New Sources

  1. Insurance Journal
  2. Life Wealth Pro
  3. InsuranceNewsNet
  4. Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America
  5. Property Casual 360 
  6. Independent Agent Magazine
  7. LifeHappens.org
  8. Insurance Business America
  9. Financial Time's Insurance Section
  10. CNBC's Insurance Portal
  11. Insurance Networking News
  12. InsuranceTech

Insurance Agency Marketing  Blogs

  1. GROW Program Blog
  2. Paradiso Presents
  3. Carrie Reynolds (Insurance Goddess)
  4. Insurance Splash
  5. The Financial Brand
  6. Steve Anderson
  7. Agency University
  8. Insurance Marketing HQ
  9. Agent Evolved

Hopefully, these links can help you further enhance your most profitable insurance marketing activities and that ABS can continue to help you build your book of business with cutting edge marketing ideas designed specifically with you in mind.

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