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Top 5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

Posted by Jon Anderson on Dec 19, 2016 6:36:00 PM

twitter marketing

Social media is a great tool for business. It allows all types of companies to reach their audience at very little cost, at least compared to traditional media. With over 317 million active users per month, Twitter is one of the largest social networks in the world. That's why many insurance agents should be on Twitter. With this one tool alone, they can reach a wider audience and find more clients. However, as with any endeavor, you may be asking, "How can I use Twitter for my insurance agency?"Like any tool, there are many ways to use Twitter and no two people use it the same way.  It may take some time for you to find your stride and be able to find the best way it can work for you. However, we've put together five Twitter marketing tips that can help get you started.


1. Fill up your bio

Twitter profiles are limited to 160 characters, which is why you should make it count. You should make sure you include certain keywords, which can help your SEO ranking, but more important, it must also be appealing to people who visit your page. After all, you have to make a good impression and convince people to follow you when they read your bio.

What should you put? Well, say something about your agency, something interesting or something that catches people's attention. If you specialize in something, make sure you add that too. But, your bio should also reflect your brand. If you write a serious bio but only post funny memes, then that's a big disconnect that can turn off followers.


2. Use the search function to find conversations

Most businesses worry about what they should tweet about and how to get more followers. Those are all good concerns, but you should also think about joining conversations on this site. Social media, after all, isn't a one-way form of communication. Rather, it's a conversation and sometimes they can happen in real time. However, you don't have to wait for the conversation to come to you. You can actually use the search function to find conversations.

Most people actually use hashtags (#) to make their tweets more visible and you can use this to your advantage. For example, you can do a search for people who used the words "car accident" and "insurance" to find more auto insurance clients. You can then find tweets and contact people who may be looking for car insurance. 

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3. Answer questions about insurance

These days, people use social media to get information they need. Crowdsourcing, as it's called, is a popular way to find useful information. Most people send their questions out into the universe (or in this case, the Twitterverse), hoping someone will answer them. In this case, that someone could be you. You can use the search function in the same way and find people who have questions about insurance. You can then tweet back at them and answer as best you can. 

Why would you give away free information? Well, for one thing, taking a few minutes to answer a question won't cost you a lot. However, it helps establish you (and your Twitter account) as a thought leader in the industry. Plus, when you use public "@" replies, your answers will be saved in Twitter and people who use the search button will be able to find your answers and contact you through Twitter.


4. Talk about things other than insurance

Now, you may be thinking that this tip is counterintuitive. After all, you're an insurance agent, shouldn't you be talking about insurance and selling insurance? Well, while that's certainly one of the topics you need to talk about, your Twitter feed shouldn't just be about insurance. You could also talk about other things, things that interest you or you may want to talk about yourself.

Why would you want to do this? Well, one thing about social media audiences is that they want to know they are talking to real people. While they understand that your insurance agency Twitter handle might be a tool for your business, they will be more likely to follow and engage with you they know the real you.


5. Keep an eye on your competition

Can you imagine if you could spy on your competition legally? Well, with Twitter, you can! As you know, the insurance industry can be quite saturated, so you always need to find an edge over your competition and by looking at what they are doing on Twitter, you can arm yourself with some crucial information. Everything people post publicly on Twitter is open for everyone to read. That means you can look at what your competition is doing and saying. 

So, why not take a peek at what they're doing on this site? You can follow your competition and see what they post, who they follow, and who follows them. You might even be able to keep tabs on their conversations with their followers and if you find any of them have insurance-related questions, you can answer them first and scoop up some clients along the way.


Most people may see Twitter as a venue where people post jokes and talk to each other. However, this social media site can be a powerful tool for business, especially for insurance agents. By following these simple tips, you can become a Twitter maven in no time!

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