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Top 20 Apps for Insurance Agents

Posted by Jon Anderson on Oct 13, 2016 6:33:00 PM

apps for insurance agents

Apps on smartphones are about as ubiquitous as mobile devices themselves. When they say "there's an app for that", they really do mean it.  You can download everything from exercise apps to track your runs to recipe apps that tell you what you can make for dinner. You might think that there probably aren't many apps for insurance agents and you won't need them anyway, especially if you already have a computer, but think again. Business and productivity apps in particular are quite popular among adults today, and many of them are very convenient to have especially for insurance agents. That's why we've compiled a list of useful mobile apps for insurance agents, to help save you time, money, effort, and make your lives easier.

Insurance-Related Apps

Claims Journal - get content from the Claims Journal Website directly to your phone
Insurance Journal (Android) (iOs)  - with this mobile version of the popular insurance website, you can access videos, news, and even podcasts

Productivity Apps

Evernote - keep notes on the go and arrange them into different notebooks
CamScanner - turns mobile devices into a portable scanner and syncs documents with other devices
Expensify - track reciepts and other expenses wherever you are
DocuSign - prepare your documents and have clients sign them anywhere you are 

Communication Apps

Skype - a popular voice and video conferencing app; they've recently added HD quality video
Whataspp - linked to your phone number, use this app to send text messages, files, photos, and even recorded voice messages.
Viber - similar to Whatsapp, Viber also includes a feature called "Viber Out" where users can call non-Viber users for a small fee
Google Voice (Android) (iOs- a telephony service from search giant Google, this app supports call forwarding and voicemail, as well as text and voice messaging.

Marketing Apps

Kelly Blue Blook - take the popular of the car valuation book with you anywhere you are with this app
CARFAX (Android) (iOs- the popular web-based service for researching vehicle history is now avaliable as an app
Google Earth (Android) (iOs) - need to check out if if a home has a pool or the schools in a certain district? This app can help.
Google My Business (Android) (iOs) - update your business details, look at reviews as they come in, or even learn about how people interact with your business using this app
Wordpress - if you're a non-captive agent with your own blog, then you can quickly upload and update posts on-the-go with this app

Social Networking Apps

Facebook Pages Manager - you might already have the Facebook app on your phone, but if you manage your business' page on your phone, the consider getting this app.
Twitter - type out a quick tweet from anywhere using the official Twitter app
LinkedIn - keep in touch with connections, add new ones on-the-go, and even update your resume 
Google+ (Android) (iOs) - manage your page and your circles, plus discover new things
Hootsuite - if you have multiple social networks, this app can help you manage them all from one place

These are just some of the great apps out there that can help you through your day as an insurance and financial services agent. With these apps, you can save a lot of effort, time, and even money.  Plus you may impress your clients with your tech-savviness.

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