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4 Things Clients Should Know About Insurance Policies for Jewelry and Art

Posted by Jon Anderson on Sep 12, 2016 8:06:44 PM

Homeowners insurance is an absolute must for anyone who owns a home. Like most insurance types, it's nice to have and never use it, but having it will help you sleep better at night. As an agent, you probably tell your clients that with this type of insurance,  should anything happen to their home - burglary, fire, or other types of disasters - they'll be taken care of and they will be able to rebuild or repurchase anything lost in such events. However, some people may have things that have high value, such as jewelry and art. In many cases, a general homeowners policy will definitely not cover the full value of expensive items like this. If you know a client who has such items (or perhaps, you should ask them), then you should tell them about insuring valuables for specific art or jewelry with insurance riders.  Most homeowners' valuables can be insured with a separate insurance rider.

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