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Top Tips for Identifying and Writing More High-Risk Insurance Customers  - And Why it's a Good Idea

Posted by Jon Anderson on Jun 29, 2017 3:30:00 PM

High-risk insurance customers are underserved. Many, no doubt, could benefit from your insurance agent services. Several major insurers offer policies in this category. However, for many people, finding the most suitable policies, at the best prices, is fairly complicated. Large swaths of people looking for insurance find themselves in a world of complicated policies and outright refusals.    

If you want to add more customers to your book, and who doesn’t, you should consider expanding your services to meet the needs of some in the high-risk market. This often overlooked group holds numerous possibilities for the diligent insurance agent. Here, just like their less-risky counterparts, people need advice on everything from homeowner’s insurance to business insurance. No doubt, you can offer tremendous value to these customers.

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