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Top Tips for Selling Insurance on Value Rather Than Price

Posted by Jon Anderson on Oct 7, 2016 4:19:57 AM

In a world where everyone is looking for a “great deal,” it can be tempting to join the crowd and base your services on low prices. Odds are, however, that you will be unable to maintain the lowest prices in the industry for very long. There will always be someone else willing to tempt your clients away with better discounts.

But the price dilemma is not quite the quandary it appears to be. While everyone around you engages in a price war, you could benefit by simply selling insurance based on the value you can provide. If you can show prospects that the value of your services outweighs the price, you will have little to worry about cheaper competitors.

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4 Things Clients Should Know About Insurance Policies for Jewelry and Art

Posted by Jon Anderson on Sep 12, 2016 8:06:44 PM

Homeowners insurance is an absolute must for anyone who owns a home. Like most insurance types, it's nice to have and never use it, but having it will help you sleep better at night. As an agent, you probably tell your clients that with this type of insurance,  should anything happen to their home - burglary, fire, or other types of disasters - they'll be taken care of and they will be able to rebuild or repurchase anything lost in such events. However, some people may have things that have high value, such as jewelry and art. In many cases, a general homeowners policy will definitely not cover the full value of expensive items like this. If you know a client who has such items (or perhaps, you should ask them), then you should tell them about insuring valuables for specific art or jewelry with insurance riders.  Most homeowners' valuables can be insured with a separate insurance rider.

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3 Reasons To Increase A Life Insurance Policy

Posted by Jon Anderson on Sep 8, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Life insurance could be one of the easiest or trickiest things to market. On one hand, it's an expense that few people can justify, but on the other, everyone must eventually face the fact that death is inevitable for all of us. However, those who want to ensure their loved ones are protected know the importance of life insurance. Such a policy not only covers funeral costs, but other expenses associated with losing a caregiver and income earner. 

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6 Facts To Help You Sell Renters Insurance

Posted by Jon Anderson on Aug 22, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Renters insurance is often an undervalued product for most insurance agents. According to Bankrate, only about 50% of all renters in the US carry this form of insurance. Many renters think that because they have cheap furniture, or that they are covered by their landlord's homeowners' insurance, they don't need this type of coverage.

However have you ever thought that just maybe, as an agent, you can sell more renters insurance policies? Selling insurance to renters might be a great niche.  But, how can you convince renters that they need insurance? Well, next time your team makes a pitch, consider telling potential clients these 6 facts to help your office sell more renters insurance.

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